Day 8 of Blogmas: Mini Christmas inspired Lush haul!

We are getting so so close to Christmas I can't wait! Have any of you finished your Christmas shopping yet? I feel like December is flying by! How is your December going?

I thought I would do something I've never done before on my blog, as I don't usually shop there and I have always wanted to do a little haul from this shop...LUSH! 

I love Lush's bath bombs, however there isn't a lot of stores around me and sometimes I find the smell in the store a little overwhelming and I don't really want to shop on their website as I can't smell what I'm buying!

I went to Lush in Kingston last week and decided to get a few things, keeping the Christmas theme going as well

The first thing I picked up was the Plum Snow Bubble Bar. It smells amazing, and it immediately caught my eye as I walked into the store as 1, you couldn't miss the colour of it and 2, the massive star in the middle was also something you couldn't take your eye off of. 

The next thing that caught my eye because of relevant it was to Christmas, was The Snowman, bubbleroon. I loved the fact that because all of Lush's products are made by had, a lot of the Snowmen had eyes missing, some didn't have noses and they were all very individual with how they looked. Mine, unfortunately had his nose broken off in transit from the store to my house! It smells amazing as well!

As a lover of the bubblegum lip scrub that Lush does, when I smelt this I immediately had to get one. The snow fairy jelly bomb smells exactly like the bubblegum lip scrub! It looks like it will make my bath really pink as well! I can't wait to use this one.

Lastly, I got the Twilight bath bomb. Having seeing so many people rave about the Twilight body spray, I decided to pick up the bath bomb version instead. After having a very hectic time at university with deadlines and exams, I am in need to relax and have a good nights sleep! Which, this bath bomb boasts to promote the aid of a good nights sleep and tackle insomnia. 

I hope you enjoyed this lil mini Lush haul! Be sure to come back to my blog tomorrow at 7pm to see what day 11 of blogmas has to offer...

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