Uni Room Tour!

I can't believe I have made it to the second year of uni, time really does fly!

As a second year, the 'stereotypical' thing to do, is move out of uni halls and into a house with some of the friends you have made over the year. 

When my friends and I were looking for a house that was relatively close to our uni, we didn't have much difficulty, thankfully. We looked at around 3 houses and within that we found the house we all agreed on. 

TOP TIP: Look for a house at the start of December / January, as after that you'll notice that the best student houses are gone and you'll be left with the not so fab ones, or you'll end up having to go through your university housing scheme (which isn't a bad thing, but theres no guarantee you'll be with someone you know)

So, lets get down to the good bit... my room!

This room is way bigger than my room at home, so being able to have a lot more space meant I was able to figure out where to place things, what to do with the already existing furniture and more importantly how would I add my own lil stamp on the place?!

 I decided to go with a grey theme, as the carpet is grey and so are the curtains, and I thought it would be hard to add colour that wouldn't clash and to be honest, the grey and white complimented each other so well I didn't want to ruin the aesthetic.

As you can see, on the chest of drawers, I have a marble flat lay, which I use to take the majority of my photos on!

Having the full length mirror where it is, is also a huge bonus as where my mirror is placed at home I struggle to take good outfit posts, but with it placed right next to the door it is at the perfect angle! I also added the fairy lights for extra light and to make my posts look even prettier!

Having only really have been living in the house for about just over a week, I already feel like my bedroom is like my second home, which I never felt like that with a uni room, mainly because there is so much more space and more allowance for you to make the room a place that really reflects you.

This isn't me saying I didn't enjoy living on campus, because I did and I would really recommend anyone going to uni to move onto campus as you do gain a newfound sense of freedom and get a bit of experience having to fend for yourself! Also, it is a major plus when you go out clubbing and you and your friends are all going home to the same campus, meaning you'll all get home safely together!

This has got to be my favourite part of my room, my 'vanity' I keep all of my makeup and skincare here and in some of the drawers, when I was sorting it out when I moved in I wanted to make sure that I kept this as neat as possible, as the one at home was much smaller and got messy very quickly, so I am determined to not make the same mistake with this one!

And that concludes my room tour, hope you guys liked it!

I xx


  1. Your uni room is gorgeous - and the size of the room is so good for a uni room! I'm currently in my first year of uni and settling into things - live on campus and although it has its downsides (the extreme noise literally every day of the week) I think it was the right decision!
    I have a uni room tour up on my blog too for my first year if you want to have a nosey around it: http://thelifeofgee.com/2017/09/24/uni-room-first-year/
    Best wishes, Gee x

  2. Wow! I love your uni room. It is so white and clean. I do enjoy a simple design for rooms, I like a lot of my color myself but I think this is an amazing idea! Your bed looks so comfortable too �� thanks for sharing your amazing style.
    -April from Travellingwanderer.com

  3. Omg this is beautiful! You’re right, I can feel that personal vibe just by looking at it! Good luck with your year at uni! :)
    ~ Saraallie
    Sara Writes ~ The Crazy Life of a Silly Little Sister

  4. Wow, your room is gorgeous! Fits my aesthetic perfectly, love all the white furniture and minimalism.
    Aleeha xXx