Day 7 of Blogmas: 2017... what happened

As we slowly creep towards the end of the year, I have been thinking about what the past year has taught me, and surprisingly enough it has taught me a hell of a lot.

Stand up for yourself: Ive been having some work troubles recently, and after a lot of thinking and giving myself the courage to speak up about it all, I finally emailed the Head Office of my work to express my upset to the company I work for and how they have been treating me, isn't right. I've never really had a problem with standing up for myself in the past, but in a work situation, I did find myself retreating and just dealing wth the problems that I really didn't need to face alone.

It's ok to let go: If you have a friend that may be treating you poorly, or your relationship with your partner doesn't feel the way it used to, it is ok to let go of that person. You are not defined by the friends or the company that you keep and it is ok to put yourself first! I know it is hard, but believe me letting go of people who just constantly pull you down or don't bring anything to your life when you give them so much, will make you feel so much better, granted not over night, but in time.

Everything will fall into place, just give it time: Everyone goes through phases in their life, when you really feel like nothing is going your way and there isn't anything you can do about it. I've found that even though things don't always go my way at a certain time, everything will, eventually settle down.

Remember to breathe: With everything that has happened this year, I think we have all forgotten to just take a second and breathe. Remember how lucky we are to be alive and just have a little think to ourselves and bring us down to earth. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the moment when there is so much going on around us that we just need to take a second and breathe.

And a personal one,

Don't take your loved ones for granted: My grandad passed away 8 months to this day, and I still cannot get over it. I think about him everyday and I am so grateful that I had 19 long years with him, and while it is easy to take your parents and grandparents for granted, always let them know you love them, no matter what.

On a lighter note, lets have a look at what I got in day 7 of the Lookfantastic advent calendar!

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