Day 4 of Blogmas: Gift Guide for Him

Is it just me, but when it comes to buying for my dad, I am always so stuck on what to get, especially when he says he 'doesn't want anything', what do you get the man who wants nothing?

I've compiled a few bits that I think are a winner when it comes to buying for those men in your life who are not giving you any hints as to what they want.


I'd say this would be considered a 'safe' option, but lets be real, who isn't doing a happy dance inside when they get chocolate? You really can't go wrong. I'll be getting my dad his favourite Lindor chocolate, he never ever buys it for himself so I know he will love to munch on them as we're watching Love Actually on Christmas day.
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A new wallet: 

If you want to get them something that they will 100% use to its full potential, a new wallet is great for that, ASOS always do a great selection and at affordable prices too!


Sound bar: 

For all those tech guys out there and if you are looking to splurge a little bit more, there isn't a man who wouldn't appreciate a sound bar, my mum and I got my dad one last Christmas and he absolutely loves it, just like the wallet you know they will get as much use out of a sound bar as they can. Prices of these do range a fair bit with them starting at around £50 and working up to over £600. As you can see from the picture, Curry's are having a sale right now!

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A new tie:

If the man you're buying for is all up in the business life, a new tie is always appreciated, they can wear them all the time and know that you bought it for them, also, you have full reign on how stylish they'll looking a shirt and tie! There are so many varieties and styles, my dad refuses to go tie shopping because he can never choose, so every year I buy him one and he loves it! 

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A 'supercar' driving experience:

If you really want to blow the socks off the guy you're buying for this Christmas, a supercar driving experience is the ultimate gift! You can find a variety of options on this on redletterdays, virgin experiences, buyagift and at some WHSmiths! I have always been contemplating getting my dad one for ages now, but seeing as I've gotten all of this presents, I will have to see what I do next year!

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Even men have their favourite smell that they like to put on when they are going out, and buying them this will be sure to give you extra brownie points as not a lot of people buy themselves aftershave/perfume as it can be quite a luxurious price! Boots usually do some great deals on aftershave, likewise so does the Perfume Shop!

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Their favourite boxset:

While there are hundreds of films on Netflix, Nowtv etc, you can't beat the 'traditional' form of watching films, yes by traditional I mean actually putting a DVD in! If he is a fan of Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead etc, why not get him the full box set for him to binge on over the Christmas holidays, while snaking on his favourite chocolate that you bought him! 

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Do you have any other tips on what to get 'him' for Christmas this year? Comment them below! 

In tomorrows post i'll be talking about my winter skincare routine! Be sure to come back to my blog at 7:30pm tomorrow! 


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