In a wonderland of makeup...

 A few weeks ago, Wonderland Makeup, a UK based and cruelty free makeup brand kindly offered me some products for me to review for you guys, an eyeshadow, blush and primer.

The Studio Finish primer £15, for me, is perfect as someone who does suffer from breakouts time to time and having oily skin, a silicone based and oil-free primer is the best for me as it smoothes over my imperfections and allows my foundation to go on just that little bit easier. The packaging of the primer is so simplistic yet elegant at the same time, which for me makes the product that bit better.

Rosey's Red Blush £10, as you can see the blush is a very rich rouge colour and does have a shimmer finish too, so for those of you who like a lil sparkle on their cheeks would love this. But, for me i think it is much better as an eyeshadow than a blush as I am fairly pale so having a dark blush doesn't go well but I do love a warm red eye colour to help make my blue eyes stand out even more, it is super pigmented and blends out effortlessly too! Do you like a darker blush on your skin?

Lastly, to this eyeshadow in the shade Ash, I feel like many of us tend to steer clear of silver eyeshadow for some reason that I am unsure about, but just putting it onto the inner corner of your eyes can really brighten them up. For me, spritzing a little bit of MAC Fix+ onto your brush before using this eyeshadow will really help bring out that pigmentation and sparkle that we all desire in a shimmer eyeshadow. Also, the best thing about this? It is only £7.50, which for me is extremely affordable!

The fact that all of their products don't break the bank when you go to purchase them is also one of the reasons I like this brand, they offer a wide range of products, some of which I wouldn't usually go for, but thats what makeup is all about isn't it? Experimenting!

Have you tried anything from Wonderland before?

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