Whats in it for me: Body scrub review

Having been a fan of 'Whats in it for me' for some time now, when they were looking for brand ambassadors to help promote and review their products, of course I jumped at the chance!

The packaging of the body scrub is pretty simple and minimalist, with most of the focus being on the sassy slogan 'totally selfish, indulgent, in love with yourself products' which for me is much better than having busy packaging which sometimes makes it easier to forget what brand it is, so having the slogan as the focal point is very clever. It also has the ingredients clearly listed and extremely visible, so you know exactly what you're putting onto your body.

Upon opening the product, you may expect a body scrub to be a bit creamy  no no, not with this product, it's more like a jelly like formula, with added sea salts to help exfoliate the skin, which for me is way better than microbeads, as its a natural product, meaning it will be way better for your skin!

The jelly like formula is really easy to apply as well, just scoop a bit out of the jar with your fingers, lather into the skin and just feeeel the product work its magic, as you rub it into your skin you instantly feel exfoliated. It also builds up a light soapy foam too so you get a good ole wash and a scrub in one!

It washes off really easily as well, youre not left with loads of microbeads at the bottom, thanks to the sea salt because who wants that rough feeling under your bum when you're trying to relax?

The smell is amazing as well, it reminds me a lot of fruit pastels and definitely gives off a sweet like scent, which, for me is a major plus because I love smelling all sweet and fresh when i'm out of the shower. It also lasts once you're all dried and dressed too yet it isn't too overpowering.

And the best thing about this? It's only £9, which in my opinion is a bargain!

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