It's hydrating but is it a genius?

Ever since L'Oreal released their new range of moisturisers I have seen so many bloggers rave about them and after seeing a wonderful blog post by I really thought i myself that I had to try it as for someone with combination/oily skin i always find that I can never really find a moisturiser that truly works for my skin, apart from the Nivea Day Cream that I find extremely helpful although it is quite thick sometimes. 

I managed to pick this up while it was on offer at Superdrug which, for me, I always prefer to find something that I want to try to be on offer because if I buy it at full price and don't like it i feel like i'm wasting money, whereas if i'm buying it on offer, if it doesn't work for me I don't feel AS guilty about not using it everyday. 

First of, the packaging is very sleek and looks great on your dresser, it is made of glass however and for someone like me...i'm really paranoid about dropping it. But aside from that the packaging easily pumps out the cream and has a lovely colour to it. 

The moisturiser itself is very light weight and smells amazing, every time I put it on my face I feel so clean and fresh simply because of the smell. The lightweight feel is perfect for summer as it doesn't feel like you have anything on and doesn't weigh your face down. I have also found that if dries really quickly so if you're quick to whack on some clothes after putting this on there's no need to worry about it coming off as you're tugging your shirt over your freshly moisturised face. 

As I mentioned, I have combination/oily skin and I find this really works for me, it moisturises my oily areas but also takes away any excess oils I have without completely drying my face out which is what my skin craves for with moisturisers. For those with normal/dry skin they also have another hydra-genius moisturiser too. 

I have been using this now everyday for about 3 weeks and I've hardly made a dent in the bottle which is brilliant so I know this will last me a long time. And for the price point that is even more of an added bonus!


  1. I usually just use Simple's 'Illuminating Radiance' - but I'm definitely searching for this and the dry skin one next time I'm in Superdrug or Boots to try it out! x

    1. I haven't tried that moisturiser by Simple! I'll have to have a look at it when I run out of this!