Korean Skincare - Foot Peeling Mask

While I was browsing the ASOS website looking for some new clothes, I found myself on the skincare tab endlessly scrolling until I came across something that instantly intrigued me. A foot peeling mask. The skincare brand 'Oh K!' is a Korean based range with different skincare products, that I personally have never seen or tried before, so when I tried their foot peeling mask, I was pleasantly surprised.

 Inside the cute packaging was 2 plastic like socks and 2 foot essences, which you had to pour into the socks before putting your feet in and hoping that something would happen. I have to admit, it felt so weird having these on my feet. The instructions on the back of the box explained that I had to keep my feet in these socks for around an hour to an hour and a half. The essence I have to admit was extremely cooling on my feet and after I took them off my feet did feel a little smoother.

Now, for £6 I wasn't expecting much from this, and considering I had no real prior knowledge of the brand either, I didn't really know what to expect either. The instructions also explained that after around 4-6 days prior to doing the foot mask, the feet would begin to feel off all the bad skin and essentially leave me with new and smooth feet.

A couple of days later I had completely forgot that I had done the foot mask and when I was taking my socks off, to my initial shock, my feet were peeling!!! Until I remembered that this was completely normal, I ran down to my mum and showed her that the mask had actually worked, she was also pretty shocked. The instructions said to not peel the peeling skin - which I admit was very hard, because who doesn't like peeling something that's already peeling? 

The peeling lasted around 3 days, and during that time I showered and gently exfoliated the wet peeling skin to help with the process, now it is safe to say my skin on my feet is so smooth and feel like new, I didn't realise how dead the skin on my feet was until I did this and I would definitely recommend this to anyone with dry skin.

Below I have shown pictures of the peeling process to show you what it was like, no it didn't hurt at all and it looks exactly like your skin does when it peels due to a bad sun burn.

Have you tired any Korean skincare products? Would you ever try this foot peeling mask?


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  1. Wow great review, it really does work, and the packaging is so cute too! I have always wanted to try Oh K!, I think you may have just convinced me :D love your blog! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
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