Look Book: Summer Vibes

My friend Holly and I had been wanting to do a look book for ages, but with the stress of uni life and not having the most glamorous campus to take pictures in and also, not being confident enough (yet) to go to London and take candid pictures like other bloggers seem to do effortlessly. We finally did it! I drove up to Luton to see Holly and take some pictures for our look books!

Holly thankfully had this lovely field that we were able to go to and not worry about people staring at us while we posed in various outfits, however walking up and down the road several times in different outfits must have confused those peeping out of their windows. 

Outfit 1:

Bardot Top: New Look
Ripped Skinny Jeans: New Look 
Shoulder Bag: River Island
Shoes: Puma

I absolutely love this outfit, bardot tops instantly make an outfit seem more dressy, even when you're not 'trying' to make an effort. the tie detailing on the sleeves also add extra sass to this outfit too! 

Outfit 2:

Top: Hollister
Ripped Skinny Jeans: New Look (same as above outfit)
Shoes: MissPap

Again, this is such a simplistic yet statement outfit, especially with the bold heeled shoes to spice it up!

Outfit 3:

Bralette: Hollister
Split thigh Maxi Skirt: BooHoo
Shoes: MissPap

Now, this for me has to be one of the most 'daring' outfits I have chosen to wear, simply because the split thigh does show a little bit more than one would like if you position it wrongly, however, this hasn't stopped me absolutely loving this skirt! It is great for the festival vibes or summer party, either way you'll definitely be making a statement in a split maxi skirt!

Outfit 4:

T-Shirt Dress: InTheStyle
Shoes: MissPap

This outfit is slowly growing on me, and is perfect for the summer/festival season, it's loose material keeps you cool throughout the hot days/nights.

Be sure to check out Holly's look book over on her blog! https://hollykategladwell.blogspot.co.uk !

See ya guys soon! In the mean time, comment below some posts you'd like to see!

I xoxo


  1. Ah I love all these outfits! Especially the maxi skirt from boohoo! I've bought a few summer bits from there! Great post lovely 😘

    1. Thank you! Yes BooHoo have a great summer collection at the mo! x

  2. When I saw that T-Shirt dress and boot outfit, I immediately thought 'festival!' It would be perfect for Lollapalooza here in Chicago. I love how different each of these looks is. And yay for finding a lovely abandoned space to take your photos!


    1. Yes! Thats exactly what I thought when I bought the T-shirt dress! its perfect for festivals xx

  3. I so get what you mean about finding it hard to take photos at uni all the buildings are so grey and boring �� Loved these outfits especially the maxi skirt you looked amazing! Em (outofteabags) x

  4. Love these outfits, so cute! And I agree - i'm pretty hopeless when it comes to outfit photos cause I can't find where is interesting haha.
    Holly x | http://www.thechroniclesofholly.com/ | https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/chronicles-holly-13610625