The Body Shop Tea Tree Ultimate Regime

After suffering quite badly with a breakout I decided to go into the body shop and have a look at the tea tree range, which claims to help with blemishes, blackheads and oily skin. All 3 things that I suffer from sometimes, especially oily skin.

I decided to opt for the 'Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Ultimate Regime' kit which was £26 and products in it that equated to £40, so it was a bloody good deal, even if bought the same products with a student discount, I still would have been better off buying this bundle.

So... whats inside?

Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion £9.50: This is a lightweight moisturiser for blemished skin that also mattifys the skin without completely drying out. I have found in the past that moisturisers that mattify the skin tend to, when you rub them into the skin sort of peel off as you massage it into your skin... if that makes sense. I have been using this moisturiser for over a week now and I can already feel a difference in my skin, it is so much smoother and my oiliness does seem to be more controlled. So I will definitely be keeping this as part of my skincare routine. I use this everyday in the morning.

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mattifying Toner £6.00: I was particularly wanting to try this toner as I had already used the body shops Sea Weed toner, which I found was really good however it sometimes stung my skin a little bit which, is not so good, but it did do the job of mattifiying my skin and getting rid of excess oils. With this toner, I found that it is so so good, it really helps to take away any excess makeup and dirt on my skin, I tend to concentrate on my T Zone and only lightly go over my cheeks as my cheeks aren't as oily as my T Zone.

Tea Tree 3-in-1 Wash Scrub Mask £8.50: This little number is diverse enough that in can be used as a face wash, face scrub or face mask. I use it around my T Zone, and chin areas as that is where my skin is most oily. I use this every other day as I do find that it can be a little harsh on the skin, so on days where I am not using this I use L'Oreal's pure clay wash as this still helps to get rid of impurities and excess oil.

Tea Tree Night Lotion £10.00: In all honesty, I have never really used night time lotions as part of my skincare routine, I would just put on a regular moisturiser, which is still good but having a product that is targeted to helping your skin over night is so so much better. After using this product I have found that when I wake up my skin is blemish free, super smooth and with little to no oil on my skin when I wake up.

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser £6.00: I use this every morning to help wash off the excess night lotion and any dirt that may have gotten onto my skin as I slept, this really helps to wake me up in the morning and helps prepare my skin for the day ahead.

I have found this Tea Tree range to be quite mild on the skin, so if you do try it and it stings or gives a burning sensation, please stop using it, sometimes we think that because a product is painful, it is working - when that it is not always the case. I personally would recommend those with normal to dry skin to steer clear of the Tea Tree range and possibly go for something more moisturising such as the Vitamin E range.

The girl in the body shop was also very kind enough to give me some free samples of some face masks to try over the next 2 weeks, so if I like them, I'll be buying the full sizes and reviewing for you all! (once pay day hits of course)

I xx

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