Anatomicals Review

Apologies for me being a little MIA recently, I just needed a lil break and some time to myself - don't we all sometimes? But don't you worry I am back and better than ever. Lets keep off with another review of some products I received from the brand Anatomicals!

The Anatomicals range is a UK based skincare range that have their own unique twist on their packaging and use of ingredients in their products, I don't think I have ever seen anything like this range on the market (yet) which I think makes this brand even better, that they are steering away from the norm and going above and beyond to be just that little bit different. What I really love about this brand however, is the fact that the range does not test on animals. If it is one thing that really upsets me is, loving a brand so much and then finding out that they test on animals - it really is a turn off.

The packaging of all of the products are really simplistic yet effective and of course, humorous. Each product has their own individual slogan to match the product, and who doesn't love a cheeky slogan?

Lets start with the masks!

The mattifying mask I think has to be my favourite so far, it really helped to get rid of excess oils and impurities which I really need, as my skin can get very oily very quickly, so having a mask that completely mattifies my face is a must. Putting it all over my face, waiting around 10 minutes and then washing it off I did see a difference in the first application from this mask! It also smelt amazing too! Some masks can smell weird sometimes but this one I feel smelt like the sea which really was an added bonus.

The deep cleansing mud mask was also a product that did the Anatomicals range justice, it smelt lovely too and not too 'clinical' as I think a lot of masks can smell very clinical due to all of the products squeezed inside. I used this mask when I was having a particular bad breakout day and my skin needed extra love and attention. My skin felt very refreshed and smooth after I washed it off and I definitely will be purchasing this again! Both of the masks were really easy to apply, they consistency of the masks weren't too thick nor thin, they were juuuuuuust right!

Now to the body cleansers...

The Get Lost Grime natural body cleanser includes ingredients such as papaya and mango - which is of course where the exotic citrus aroma comes from! The cleanser does not include any microbeads so it is very smooth on the skin and for me, did not irritate it at all. The product is handy for both women and men so anyone can use this! Which, I think makes this product and range even better. Both cleansers are free from DEA's, Sulphates, Parahens and SLS's so it is very kind to your skin!

The Every man/woman body cleanser also smells divine, like the Get Lost Grime, it includes fruit extracts to help produce a fruity citrus smell. This helped me feel so much more refreshed in the mornings when all I wanted to do was get back into bed. having a cleansers that helps to refresh your body for the day ahead is really an added bonus, in my opinion. By the name, I hope you can gather that this is also for the use of both men and women and again, is free from DEA's, Sulphates, Parabens and SLS's.

For more information on the Anatomicals range, visit their website
You can purchase their products through websites such as ASOS and Amazon, happy shopping!

I xx


  1. I keep wanting to try this range as I love the packaging! I like the look of the hand soaps on ASOS.

    Beccah xx

  2. I'm so obsessed with this brand! I've tried a fair few bits from them now but I'm going to have to get the masks you mentioned here!