The Implant & I

I've seen so many blog posts recently about people sharing their experiences on contraception, but in my opinion I have only really seen posts about the pill and not so many about the Nexplanon (Implant) Which, I got back in 2015 so I thought i'd share my experience having the impact in case anyone is also thinking about getting it.

In all honesty, it wasn't entirely my decision to get the implant, once my mum guessed that I... 'did the deed' She immediately wanted me to get contraception that worked for me. In my opinion, I am glad she made me get contraception as I have seen so many people end up pregnant at such a young age - which by all means there is nothing wrong with that, if they choose to have the baby or not thats their choice but I personally do not want to get pregnant until I am at least 25. Anyway, I researched the pill, the injection you get every 12 months or so in your bum and the implant, these all of course had negative reviews as well as positive because everyones body is different and so we are all going to have different reactions to what goes in our bodies. 

I did however read more negative reviews on the pill than I did with the bum injection and the implant, so I decided not to go with that type of contraception, besides I know myself I wouldn't be able to remember taking a tablet everyday. 

So I opted for the implant, a 40mm plastic thing that goes into the inside of your arm (sounds horrific I know) But when I went to have it done, the doctor numbed my arm A LOT, and I didn't feel a thing, I did feel a bit of tugging but that was it, it didn't hurt at all either. I simply stared up at the ceiling while the doctor did her thing. After she inserted it she put a plaster on it and bandaged it up to make sure it stayed in place and I didn't risk knocking it, she advised me to leave the bandage on for at least 4 hours after the implant was inserted, which I did. When I took it off, I did see a little bit of bruising, but that was expected and it didn't hurt at all. 

Now, about 3 weeks later after I had got the implant I started my period - which was also expected as the implant can either stop your periods all together, not stop them or make them sometimes irregular. I wasn't really phased by this, but my period did end up lasting about 4 weeks, it wasn't a heavy period it was so light that sometimes I didn't need to wear a tampon or pad and I had no period pains whatsoever. But seeing as I had a period for over a month I went back to the same doctor who inserted the implant, told her about my periods and she gave me the pill to take as well, as it would help balance out my hormones or something like that. I took the pill as well for another 3 months, and ever since I haven't had a single period. 

I have heard from friends and other reviews about the implant that it made them very moody but for me, nothing seemed to change (or at least I don't think so) I remained myself throughout the early stages of the insertion. Again though, everyone will have different reactions to getting the implant or another type of contraception seeing as we are all different. 

I would however really recommend every girl getting or at least really looking into getting the implant, it lasts for 3 years so you don't need to worry about repeat prescriptions or anything like that, after the 3 years are up you can get it taken out and have a new one in, but if you don't want to you don't have to. And if you get it and end up not liking it soon after, you can also get it taken out before the 3 years are up as well. 

This is what the Implant looks like, scary looking I know . 

Shout out to Loulabellerose who convinced me to share my experience about getting the implant!

You can read more about the implant and its effects here to make sure its right for you or for anymore additional information. 

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