Social Media & Blogging

I've been blogging for almost 2 years now on and off but towards the end of last year I really started getting back into it with regular posts, starting a new Twitter and Instagram for blogging purposes as I didn't want to bother those who weren't interested in reading my blog with endless self promos from me on their news feed.

Starting these 2 new accounts on Twitter and Instagram has been tough, seeing as there are more and more people on social media than ever before it is harder i think to get a strong following shortly after you start a new account - I knew it was going to take time, but at the same time seeing my personal accounts have over 1000 followers, it is frustrating to only have a few hundred followers. But, I am grateful with how surprisingly quickly my Twitter and Instagram accounts have come from already having over 200 followers on both in just over 2 months, in my opinion is great and I am proud of myself and thankful for those who followed me.

How do you promote your blog on social media?

There are so many accounts on Twitter such as 'TheBloggersHub, GRLPOWR and Blogginggals' which are dedicated accounts to retweeting your posts such as a new blog post tweet - these really help to get across to a large audience seeing as these accounts have a lot of followers, I usually try and tweet them all at least once a day - which may seem excessive but seeing as twitter is always updating with new content it is likely that your tweet will be way at the bottom after 5 minutes of tweeting it, so don't worry about clogging up anyones news feeds. These Twitter accounts also hold chats throughout the week where you can engage with them and other bloggers/youtubers as well which will help you feel more comfortable in the blogging community as well.

Following and commenting on other peoples blogs really helps to build up your followers and views too, the more you engage with other blogs and other peoples social media accounts, the more you will see a difference in your own social media accounts.

Facebook on the other hand is a tricky one, seeing as I'm friends with people who have different views etc than me, I always find myself deliberating whether I should post my link to a blog post I've done when not a lot of people will be interested in it - seeing as they're not friends with me purely because of my blog. However, I do sometimes post if I think its something a lot of people may want to read. Although, I did pay £7 for one week for my blog post to be properly promoted and I did see a major difference in my view count (obviously as it was paid for and it was reaching over 2,000 people) But I don't think I would do this all the time, I would much rather a niche audience that I know are following me and reading my blog posts because they actually want to and not because I've paid a social media platform to plaster my blog post on everyone's news feeds.

Bloglovin' in my opinion is good too, its kind of like Pintrest I would say but purely for blog posts only hence the name. From what I've read from other blog posts, a lot of bloggers have a love/hate relationship with it, but I personally like it, I can keep track of how many followers my blog has, my posts that I put up go instantly onto my Bloglovin' page. The only thing is I would say is that its not very interactive, like I find it hard to communicate with other people on there, if anyone else has Bloglovin' do you know what I mean?

How do you promote your blog?

Losing followers

Losing followers is inevitable, but that doesn't take away the slight sadness you feel when you wake up and see that you've lost 5 followers in the space of a day, dramatic? Maybe. Understandable? Yes. For instance the other day I had 236 followers on Instagram, then when I checked it later on, I saw that I had lost 15 followers. It's just annoying when you're trying hard and then see 15 or how many people choose to unfollow you when you're putting a lot of effort in you know? Although, this does make me want to do better and earn the followers back, its better to try and see what you can do better with your social media accounts than it is to see what you're doing wrong with them. 

Try and not be disheartened when you notice you've lost followers, the way to building up a strong social media following does come with setbacks as well, but thats life, nothing is going to be handed to you on a plate without a hiccup or some kind of obstacle that temporarily stops you from reaching a goal, you can't start up a Twitter or Instagram account and expect to have 1000 followers instantly, these things take time and a lot of patience - you'll get there!!

How do you deal with losing followers on social media?

Using social media for blog content

When I am stuck on what to post about I tend to turn to social media for help, whether I do a poll on twitter or looking at other peoples blogs of what they have posted in the past for inspiration I find this does really help when I am stuck on what to blog about, it doesn't come naturally! And i'm sure other bloggers/youtubers will agree with me that it is frustrating when you can't think of anything to post about, is there such a thing called bloggers block? And in my opinion, I don't want to post something just for the sake of it you know? I'd rather post something relevant to my blog or myself or something I know people want to read.

How do you use social media for content? 


  1. Love this post! Ngl, when I loose followers, it kind of hurts my soul a little bit and sometimes makes me question why I'm doing it in the first place, then something else happens, albeit a nice comment or something which reminds me why I love it x

    1. Glad you like it! Yeah I agree with you, its so disheartening losing followers but we just have to keep going!, Nice comments or new followers make up for the negatives for sure x