New Year..New Me?

Every January 1st, people say they are going to be a better person, not eat so many biscuits or whatever but by January 3rd, the same people are doing the exact thing they said they wouldn't or that they would change 2 days before. (I am just generalising, obviously there are extremely driven and hard working people who stick to every resolution they make and that is something to be proud of - I wish I could do it!!)

For me, I never ever make resolutions - not because I think I don't need them (I probably do...) but its just the fact that I 100% know I will never be able to stick to them.

I think instead of 'resolutions' its better to go into a new year with achievable goals that are easily met, for example;

Do a good deed - simple? yes. Doable? yes. Its something that is easily found, for example if you see someone has dropped something on the floor, pick it up for them and give it to them - don't run away with it. Recently I signed up to the charity Oxfam, who will send me personalised tags and bags to give away my unwanted clothes or possessions in order to help out those in need.

Save money - again, this is as simple as doing a good deed however it takes a little bit more motivation to keep it going - as we all know the temptation to dig into our savings every now and again. Even if its putting your loose change into a money box or putting £5 in every day, you'll be surprised how much you'll save over the year - one year I managed to save over £100 in just loose change, needless to say I spent in one day and had to start all over again.

Give to charity - another simple goal that is achievable at any time! Literally gather up all your unwanted belongings (obviously not something that means a lot to you or your family, unless you want to) even if its an old book or old teddy, any charity shop would be grateful for any donations you make. It also means you'll have room in your wardrobe or bedroom or wherever for new things you've been wanting to buy.

Learn to cook - This is one of my goals for 2017, seeing as I am a first year in uni cooking has becoming a thing I have NEEDED to learn.  Not going to lie, it hasn't been too easy somethings have burnt and have needed to be thrown in the bin right away but so long as you follow a recipe what could go wrong? This is also a life time skill you'll need when you move out and your parents aren't cooking you homemade dinners each night.

Read Books - While this seems like a weird 'goal' seeing as the 21st Century is revolving around technology it is easy to forget that actual books exist (unless you work in a shop that sells books) I, myself haven't actually read in a good year or 2 even so I am determined to finish a book or 2 this year, any recommendations?

Its important to have goals that are easy to achieve and that you don't bombard yourself with too many goals either, here I have 5 which I believe is enough to achieve over a few months and if you finish all your goals before the end of the year, make new ones!

And remember to possibly set a date of completion to make yourself fully motivated in completing your goal before the year ends.

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