My Mac lipstick collection


I hope you're all rested after the Christmas season and new year celebrations!!

I thought for my first blog post for the new year, what would be a better thing to write about then to give you a little show of my mac lipstick collection (which I promise you may all look the same in my photos because I haven't invested in a "proper" camera yet so have to make do with my camera on my iPhone which, don't get me wrong is great however it didn't manage to pick up on the small but huge difference in my mac lipsticks - I'll link each product to the mac website so you can fully see the differences.

ANYWAY... getting to the good bit.

I know there are millions of other people who have way more lipsticks in their collection but I am pretty proud of how I'm doing at the moment. As of now, I have 8 lipsticks (2 the same) and 4 lip liners (2 the same) because I wear these the most often so run out quickly.

  • Soar - is the pinkest liners I have at the moment which really accompanies Sprit, Faux and Brave (for my skin tone anyway which is very fair) 
  • Spice - is more of a brown colour which goes well with Yash, Taupe and Velvet Teddy
  • Boldly Bare - I got this last week along with one accompanying lipstick, Kinda Sexy and so far I have no regrets of buying it at all. 


For me, Yash is the perfect nude and goes with so many different looks, If you're going out for the night and want more attention to be paid to your eye makeup than your lips, this is the perfect shade to use as it doesn't take any limelight away from your perfect smokey, glitter or perfect winged liner. It is very close to the same shade as Velvet Teddy, however I think Yash, for me is a little on the browner side. Lastly, the matte finish is brilliant - most of my lipsticks are matte or a satin finish.

                                                        KINDA SEXY

Kinda Sexy is also a matte finish with a neutral shade however is on the pinker side of the neutral scale than Yash is. Seeing as I have only purchased this a week ago I haven't been fully been able to wear it as much that I can really see how it goes with my skin tone however, from when I have worn it I can tell the difference immensely that this is definitely one of my brighter lipstick shades (even though, like I said they may look the same in this post)


Taupe is one of my darkest shades which also has a matte finish to it. However, unlike Yash, instead of being more brown Taupe has a reddish undertone to it. From what i have used of it so far in the past week, it does seem to be close to the shade Spirit.


Faux is also a new purchase I made completely on the spot, I did a quick swatch of it in store and immediately really liked the shade. The satin finish is perfect for this shade of pink - again it may look the same to previous shades but there are little (big) differences in the shades that if you're looking for, you can see - if that makes any sense?


Brave has been one of the top lipsticks I have been wanting to get ever since I saw Youtuber, Sabrina (Lovelaughandmakeup) do a swatch of it a few months ago and as soon as I saw it I HAD TO HAVE IT. It is one of the lightest shades in my collection at the moment seeing as most of the lipsticks I have are quite dark neutrals, a pink was well welcomed. It is also a satin finish.


As you can see, I have pretty much used this all up because its one of the best purchases I have ever made. This shade always looks a bit darker on me which I love if I'm wearing anything dark or I'm wearing a dark red eyeshadow colour and I want a dark pinky-brown shade to complement, this is the shade I go to.

              VELVET TEDDY

Remember when everyone saw Kylie Jenner wearing this shade and it sold out worldwide for ages??? I finally got my hands on this earlier in the year when I went on holiday to Florida. Velvet Teddy and Yash seem to be on the same shade level, however I have found that Velvet Teddy looks different on everyone, 2 of my friends have it and one day we all wore it and on each of us it looked slightly different for example a little pinker or darker.

I hope you'll find this helpful if you're thinking of getting a new lipstick or if you're new to the makeup world. If you have one particular lipstick you can't live without comment below so I and others can see if they want to try it out!


  1. I love your selection of shades! All of them are so wearable and beautiful :) I've got the soar lip liner but it looks like I'll have to try out spice now lol

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

    1. Thank you! Yes you do, Spice is so great with neutral shades or those that are a little on the brown side I feel.

      What kind of lipsticks do you have?!

    2. Lovely collection of MAC lipsticks! I have Kinda Sexy, Faux and Velvet Teddy like you and Velvet Teddy has to be my favourite lipstick ever! I really want to try out those lip pencils particularly Boldly Bare for Kinda Sexy, I have the shade Subculture which matches with Velvet Teddy really well!x

      Erin // Everything Erin

    3. OO I'll have to try out subculture with velvet teddy soon then! Yeah Boldly Bare really matched Kinda Sexy, I definitely recommend it!