London Trip

Last week, me and my friends Holly and Meg went up to London as a belated birthday trip for Meg.

We started the day off by making our way to Uxbridge train station where we hopped on the Metropolitan line to make our way into London.

Once we arrived in London (after getting a little bit lost) We finally got to Tower Hill/Monument Road to go to The Skygarden, 35 floors up a fast lift and we were met with a huge bar area and surrounded by glass walls which allowed us to look over the whole of London. There was also a door for us to go onto a big balcony to get more of a view of London. Once we had finished taking pictures of the scenery, we settled down a bought an expensive bottle of Prosecco between the 3 of us, which undoubtedly went straight to our head as we were only allowed one hour in the sky garden so had to drink the Prosecco fairly quickly (which I would not recommend)

The tickets to the Skygarden were free however, as I mentioned we were only allowed one hour there and according to Holly - the tickets are always going extremely fast so we were lucky to get them when we did. However, for one hour it was one of the best experiences I have had in my life, the view was amazing the staff were extremely friendly and welcoming and it wasn't too busy either.

In addition to the Skygarden we also very spontaneously bought tickets to the musical Wicked, so after our hour was up we made our way to Victoria, however after having the Prosecco and not eating for well over 6 hours, we were all STARVING so we decided to go for dinner at Jamie's Italian (which I didn't manage to get a very good photo from as it was extremely dark)

Once we had finished eating, we made our way to the Apollo Victoria Theatre to watch Wicked, it was my very first time watching Wicked and I was extremely excited as I had heard great reviews about it from Holly, Meg and many other people. And I have to say, IT WAS WICKED. Honestly, I could not fault the cast or crew at all everything was amazing and it was really easy to follow, I would highly recommend those who haven't seen it yet, to definitely try and go to see it you won't regret it!

We got back to uni gone midnight and we were all extremely tired the next day, but we all had a great time and I wouldn't have changed a thing!

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