The start of university

Like many 18-19 year olds, I went off to university during September and with being here for nearly 3 months I feel as though I have settled in just enough to talk about some experiences I have had.

18th September 2016, me, my mum and dad drove to Brunel University with a car full of things that I thought I would need ... when in reality I still haven't used half of the stuff I brought with me. Unlike a lot of people who go to university I only live a 30 minute drive away from Brunel, so saying goodbye to my parents wasn't overly a big deal, of course I would still miss them and find it strange that I wasnt with them 24/7 but I have the comfort of knowing that if I want to go home on the weekend, it wasn't hard for me to do so. 

Once I had got my stuff all unpacked and sorted my mum and dad said goodbye and I was by myself, in my room. Which was very daunting but luckily I had gotten to know a few girls from my journalism course and a few days before moving day, we arranged to all meet up once we had sorted our things and say goodbye to our parents, Holly, Meg & Col were my first few friend and still are, in fact we have grown very close over the past few weeks. 

The first week of unversity in the UK is mostly always known as 'Freshers Week', which basically consists of all the new first years going to as many events as possible and meeting new and wonderful people and inevitably, drinking way too much (which, I did, regrettably). This is something i would highly recommend, try and go to at least 2-4 events over the week, you will not regret it (even if the hangover kills). I have realised that those who have chosen not to go out at all have remained very isolated from other people, but by all means do what you feel comfortable with of course. 

7 weeks in and I think I can say that I am enjoying university life, even if the work load is real but the social life I now have is much more than I ever had before, so in turn, it really balances out. 

For those still contemplating whether to go, make sure you think it through, if you don't want to go, then don't theres plenty of time to go back if you wish, my mum is in her 50s and is doing a university degree, so it really doesn't matter. However if you're choosing not to go to university purely because of the debt you feel you'll be left with, just remember, you don't pay back until you earn £21,000 a year, it wipes out after 30 years and the government take such a small percentage from your wages that you don't actually see the money going out of your account anyway.

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I hope you all have a lovely end to the week :) a new post will be up very soon! 

Comment your best or worst university/college experiences below!


  1. Keep it up Izzie, think a lot of people will find this useful when thinking about starting university! xxxx